The Rise Of The Cuban Shirt

The Rise Of The Cuban Shirt

Cuban Shirt

As summer fast approaches, it is the perfect time to add some flair to your look with the flamboyant patterns of a lightweight Cuban shirt.

Making a strong comeback over the last couple of years, the Cuban collar shirt is a certified retro classic. The textures and patterns make the shirt unique.



Cuban Shirt

Due to the popularity of thrift shopping, the Cuban shirt has become a menswear staple lately. For a relaxed look the shirt could be styled with a pair of lightweight chinos paired with sunglasses and some jewellery to add some more flair.

Below are a few options for your summer selection!

Be Sure to keep out an eye out for the Issa Leo version of the Cuban Shirt, Coming soon!

SOULLAND Men's Cornwall Stripe Revere Collar Shirt Blue



Cuabn Shirt Issa Leo



YMC Men's Malick Paw Print Revere Collar Shirt Navy




Cuban Shirt



Get your summer Issa Leo look today!

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