The Fury Utility Leather Jacket - Inspired by the busy inner city travellers.

The Fury Utility Leather Jacket - Inspired by the busy inner city travellers.

During the summer of 2019, while I was walking around Barcelona, I came up with the idea that would solve issues surrounding my busy lifestyle. I was continually moving around the city, running from meeting to meeting, hopping from train to metro, as well as the scooter that I use to zoom around the city. I realised that carrying a backpack for just my laptop and notebook was an added stress to my on the go lifestyle as I always had to worry about the whereabouts of it.

Carrying around a redundant backpack helped me realised nobody had created a streamlined leather jacket created to solve more than just stylistic ambitions. From my experience as a creative director, I realised that most individuals look for a great fit and unique detailing. Not to mention being comfortable zipping around the city on a motorbike without airflow through the jacket.


I decided to strip the jacket of any unnecessary pockets and any bulky features that would take away from the minimal concept I was thinking about. A padded pocket was added to the back of the leather jacket. It is roomy enough to house my laptop and other items that I usually just carry around in my backpack. Not to mention the extra safety benefits applicable. (Theft of bags is common in major cities while you enjoy a coffee at your favourite cafe).




The Fury Utility Leather Jacket concept has been created to help you on your journeys around town. Ditch the backpack and instead keep your essentials in the compartment designed to serve more than one function. This is what I call minimal design! 

The jacket features high-quality metal zips, reinforced elbows patches, as well as a belted side waist to adjust the style and fit. 

Even if the added zip back pocket feature is not used to store essentials, the function adds design edge to the classic wardrobe staple.









let us know what your take on this concept design by Our creative director.  











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