Leather Jacket Story : Insight into our Leather Jacket Collection

Leather Jacket Story : Insight into our Leather Jacket Collection

The origins of the leather motorcycle jacket can be traced back to the 
times of World War I when it was worn by soldiers and pilots during 
combat operations. Generally associated with thrill-seeking pursuits, 
the early motorcycle leather jacket sported a commonly used goatskin 
style with most of them resembling the A-1 Bomber Jacket used by the 
Army Air Corp. All of these were military or aviator style jackets with 
a button front coat style and a mandarin style collar.The leather jacket evolved to the rocker jacket, and became the jacket of choice for rockers and greasers in the 1950s and 60s.

There on, it continued to be used by metalheads, punk rockers, hipsters, etc. In general, it became the attire of choice for anyone wild by nature.Nowadays, wearing a leather jacket is considered to be fashionable and stylish..

Let's introduce you to our ISSA LEO Leather Jackets collection.


1.  The Billy J Classic


The Billy J  is the first jacket we ever designed. Its a perfect balance on fit and comfort, equally has a range of different details which gives the wearer a useful jacket with easy access pockets, zips and side adjustable loops. Its also available in black.

This became one of our best sellers hence why we base a lot of our jackets on this aesthetic, we have diverse the details making some of them more classic and some of them more sport and fitted as you can see on the collection.


2. The Billy J Sport

The Billy J Sports is our second jacket on the collection.  The jacket its more detailed with double padding on the shoulder and arm.You might ask why the name sports?Oh well its because you can do all the home based stunts and still feel elegant in it. You can pair up this jacket with t-shirts,vest and trainers as well for the sporty kinda look. If you like the brown colour you can get the same style in black too.

3. The Two Tone 

The Two Tone is inspired by the wild adventurers who prefer to be outdoors more often. The jacket has the perfect brown colour which is mixed with a darker version that gives it a edgy kinda look. The pockets are designed for easy access, the collar is a bit big to fit in perfectly with anything paired up with the jacket. If you are a adventurer then this jacket was meant for you.


4. The Biker 


We designed it for those who are more into making a fashion statement and also paying homage to the Icons behind this classic key item reinvented in our own take for the modern man.The jacket has a side pocket,belt and collar that can be extended. The classic biker style will show off your rockier side and provides a modern style if you pair it up with jeans, track pants and turtlenecks. The biker jacket is also available in black for those who love to be rebels in black.


5. The Billy J Sport Suede


This is new in our collection. The suede its a thing now so we wanted you to feel appreciated. The suede comes in a Billy J Sport style which is a favourite among our customers.Suede provides a more relaxed and retro style and you can always pair the jacket with shirts,sweaters and hoodies for more vintage look.



Which is your favourite jacket from our collection?


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