Issa Leo Style Session : Earl Hendricks

Issa Leo Style Session : Earl Hendricks

Issa Leo has been the best top clothing brand for men for over 5 years now. With our collaborations from Mens Health, GQ Magazine to our valued customers who always believed in our brand. We are pleased to announce our own style session which is a platform to give men tips and advice on how they can improve their style, character and wellness through the Issa Leo brand. Some of you might ask, 'who is qualified to be an Issa Leo man' and the answer to that is 'any man can be an Issa Leo man' as long you are passionate about fashion, style  and making your dreams come true. We caught up with Earl Hendricks who is proud to be an Issa Leo Man,to find out more about his work, style and wardrobe essentials


Can you tell us a little bit about you?

Earl: I am a 37 years young actor and model.I was born in Mitchell's Plain and raised all over the Cape Flats and since I can remember I have always been a dreamer.I grew up in poverty but I always knew that I wanted a career in the performing arts and I wanted to travel the world.

I ended up making those dreams come true through sheer determination and very hard work.

I am obsessed with good food,thank God I am blessed with good genes so I don't easily out on weight and I don't even have a skin care routine to be honest,i am very lucky that my skin glows naturally.
I am a book lover who can spend hours getting lost in the world that books brings.
I am also very passionate about social issues with regards to gender equality and anything to do with the protection and well being of children.
Which style define you?
Earl: My style is clean and classic. I love pop of colour but mostly I do neutral palettes.I keep it simple and fresh.
How can guys forge a unique style?
Earl: Its about following trends yes...but not being a slave to a certain fashion moment.Be true to yourself and experiment but never wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. Comfort is key.
What are your winter essentials?
Earl: Bomber jackets and scarves.
How do feel about being part of Issa Leo man who's powerful enough to organise his own style?
Earl: I am honoured because The Issa Leo man is someone who knows what he wants out of life and is never afraid to chase his dreams but he does all of this while looking stylish.
Whats your favourite piece in your wardrobe at the moment?
Earl: My Converse All Stars sneakers....I have a few pairs,they just go with everything.
Any advice to guys about fashion?
Earl: Don't let clothes wear you.It will make you look uncomfortable and people pick up on that when they see you.Always dress up,because when you look good you feel good. Your style is the first thing that people see,its how we show the world who we are without a saying a word.
Styling by Liezel Germanotta (Savvy and Styling)
Photography by Stills by Carmen

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