April In Joburg PopUp-Market Kamers Makers !

April In Joburg PopUp-Market Kamers Makers !



Hello Gents!

We are thrilled to be heading to Johannesburg for Kamers Makers later this month on the 26th of April. Come through and check us out as we are going to have limited edition pieces on the shelf. Invite your friends and be prepared to meet and greet one of our directors Jesus Lopez.
*SIDENOTE* If you get to attend,share the pics with us on your social media. #issaleo





Art plays a huge role in the way we create and design our pieces. Picasso was a huge artist in Spain and it only fit to pay homage to him as we are inspired by everything he did. We have a new range of t-shirts in store with art inspired designs (see picture above). The t-shirts are made for the men who loves to connect with their creative soul now and then. Available In Store for pre-order R650! 



 This new vision , is to express the art of being a global traveller, with the selective taste for Art , Exploring and being an adventures being. From Cape Town To Barcelona , we make pieces that speak African luxury with an international take . 





See the story of Photographer and film maker Maximilian and international model Evan Leff dressed on some of our signature Leather jacket and our military sport luxe pants , taking us in one in a lifetime experience as they fly in a classic cessna over the beauty of the South African Soil. see full editorial pictures on our instagram in this link PRESS HERE.


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