Classic Rebels Never Die!

Classic Rebels Never Die!

The leather biker jacket made its debut in the 1950s famously worn by iconic actors like Marlon Brando, James Dean to Rock n Roll artist The Beatles.


This classic item is still popular and trendy with bikers and fashion followers in the millennial era.


The biker leather jacket represents the effortless attitude of being rebellious, cool, sexy, masculine, bold and it gives you that bad boy image.

Let us bring out the rebel in you with our Biker Jacket   X  ICONIC BLACK edition. This limited vintage item has been minimally updated to suit the wardrobe of the modern men.

Our premium quality biker jacket is designed for durability and comfort, with strong chunky zips, embroidered with SA Flag on the back, the symbol of The ICONIC BLACK lifestyle brand.

As ICONIC BLACK, we honour our roots, unique cultures  and  resistance  movements through arts ,film and fashion. We are on a journey creating space for dialogue with the urban community. Iconic Black

                                                                                            By Siyasanda Larena


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